Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why I Need Knitting Friends

The Red-Headed Step-Sweater

Once upon a time there was a Yarn Hunter who found a great sweater pattern. She had two colourways in her stash to choose from, but, being a libra, found the decision quite difficult. She cast on the first and was excited to see the brilliant turquoise toned down to a sea foam green with the heathered-grey sock yarn she mixed in. As often happens in these cases, our herione didn't hunt enough yarn and the project is in stasis, waiting patiently for the mailman.

With empty hands, our herione cast on her second option: a sky blue dk and a blue-mix sock yarn. She made guage instantly, the colours popped and we're pretty certain there were fireworks in the background. Needles were flying, yarn formed ribbing and even miles of stockinette stitch didn't bother our attention-challenged Yarn Hunter. She was in love!!

It wasn't until Erica came to visit that she realized the turqoise-turned-heather sweater had been watching the whole time from the corner. Hidden by cobwebs and dust, the once-exciting project watched it's twin become Mommy's favourite. Luckily, it couldn't hear all the thoughts of doubt and half-baked ripping plans that were in its future. When Erica voiced her approval of the colour-way, our Yarn Hunter was reassured and decided to leave the project waiting for reinforcements from the Deutsche Post.

To keep all thoughts of doubt and despair from the Red-Headed Step-Sweater, it will sit by the Yarn Hunter and keep her company through the long stockingette-stitch hours ;)

pictures to come as soon as I get enough daylight

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  1. You're a tease! Your color combinations and hints about patterns sound very intriguing!