Monday, September 25, 2006

What to do....What to do

I'm sitting here watching an Animal Planet / Australia Zoo farewell to the Crocodile Hunter and crying. and hating myself for being so well-behaved. I finished the blue sweater and it's a bit tight, but I'm dying to cast on all those brown hues from England for a vest. Got it all mapped and everything. But some stupid part of me decided I have to rip and re-knit the blue sweater first. Before I even swatch the brown yarn again. One more time just to check. To make sure that it's still impossibly soft as it runs through my fingers onto my Addi turbos.......

Look at it, it's so pitiful. Just sitting next to me on the couch being all soft and needy.


  1. Oh, you didn't! After watching me and my sizing errors!!!

    A vest sounds like a great idea to use that wonderful natural yarn.

  2. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Aargh! How frustrating to knit a sweater to find it doesn't fit :( I hope version 2.0 fares better. You're a very strong woman to be able to resist that lovely, soft yarn. I wouldn't have been able to.