Friday, September 01, 2006

More Wedding Pics

My final single minutes. Here I'm pretending not to be a bit nervous, posing with my sister and Matron of Honour Peggy and my two step-daughters to be Ciara (left) and Megan (right).

here's a story about this kiss...
Now sure how much you can see in this photo, but Father Aschenbrenner shocked and delighted me by including knitting into his sermon. He had the yarn hidden, so we had no idea it was coming and as he said, "When I heard that Kathleen likes to knit...." the entire chapel burst into howls of laughter. He went on to describe how life and love is like a string of yarn that needs to be knit into a fabric of family and relationships. He passed a long strand of yarn around to the wedding party and formed a circle of wollen love around us as we said our vows and exchanged rings.

Cutting the cake. The multitude of cakes were made for me by my neighbor Pauline and they were all absolutely devine. But, no good deed goes unpunished and now all my friends are asking about Cakes by Pauline ;)

These two knockouts sang Eternal Flame as Dave and I danced our first dance. Felicia was kind enough to talk them out of their jitters :)

The Mesmerizing Singing Groom - it was only a matter of time after the beer started flowing ;)

Dancing Neighbors!


  1. I only had the wedding cake and it was delicious! I was good and resisted the others.

  2. Yay, more pictures! You looked happy and beautiful (and the fit of that bodice is PERFECT!!!). And you don't seem the least bit nervous in that picture - no way. Heh.


  3. Everything looks gorgeous!! I love the pictures. I also adore the yarn story. Kudos to Father Aschenbrenner!!!

  4. I'm so sorry we missed it. How could you pick the same day we were leaving for Shetland?! lol. Looks like a beautiful day! You looked stunning, Kathleen! What a great personal touch to the ceremony the Father made. Perfect!