Monday, March 27, 2006

An Irish Weekend

We made an emergency trip to Ireland last weekend. Dave's grandmother passed away and we went for the wake and funeral. I didn't realize people still had wakes for the dead. She died Wednesday morning, was brought to the house and there were people sitting with her until the funeral on Friday. The coffin was lifted onto the shoulders of her sons and grandsons and carried down the street to the church for the funeral mass - with all attendees walking behind. The funeral mass was very touching and at the end they played the song Dave's Granny used to sing at parties, (I think it was) The Little Isle. There wasn't a dry eye to be found.
It was all a bit surreal for me - a wake/funeral like that was something I had only seen in movies. But I must say it was very comforting to think that there was someone with Rosie all day and night until she was buried - it was a very warm and family-ish.
Luckily there was also happy business to be conducted on this trip. Owen finally got his Aran Sweater. And (talk about luck of the Irish!) it's a perfect fit. Here is a picture of him wearing it on Saturday - his son Adam is very jealous (can't you tell?).


  1. I went to a wake for the first time last year, and it was a bit creepy. On a brighter side, Owen looks fab in his new sweater!

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I won't touch the wake thing-but it is nice someone was with her during that time. I'm glad it wasn't me I find it also a bit creepy.
    That sweater is absolutely amazing!! You really should be proud-it does fit him perfectly. Ok, I'm impressed, but I still love the doo doo sock story.

  3. Good that you were able to make it back for the ceremonies. I think it kind of helps, especially if Dave was close to his grandma.

    Beautiful sweater! And just think -- an Aran, knit by an American, who's living in Germany, for an Irishman. Full circle!

  4. I can't read the writing as there is a banner in the way.
    However, the sweater on the man is very nice. I love aran work.