Friday, March 10, 2006


Just finished one sock for Irishman, the Big-footed Wonder. Unforunately, I don't think I can have the mate finished before he leaves on Sunday ( at 6 am!!) for his big adventure in Boston (dude planned a "business trip" for Boston so that it coincided with St. Patrick's Day - my imagination is going crazy here). I just hope I get him back in one piece ;)

I used the pattern from Nancy Bush's new book Knitting Vintage Socks and adapted my own hard-wearing heel and toe. The poor guy has lost 2 socks this year and I'm hoping to avoid further decisions like the one I am currently facing with the VERY first socks that came of my newbie needles: darn-it or damn-it??

Any voices of experience out there to guide me gently into the toe-repair lane??


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    If you still have yarn leftover from those first socks, I would definitely try darning them. I have no experience with this, but I'm sure a Google search will land you plenty of helpful hints. The new socks are looking great, by the way!

  2. Knit him new ones!

    What are you worried about? Party time over here too!

  3. I've darned a lot of socks, homemade and storebought, and I'm pretty good at it. Unfortunately the socks aren't cooperative, and tend to wear thinly around the darn, especially on heels. Darn! Toes are probably more worth fixing than heels.

    If you'd rather darn than knit new, here are some directions if you need them --

    Oh, and I'd either use 2-ply darning yarn (Regia Stopfgarn) or separate the original yarn, as the weaving process tends to make the spot thicker.

    Gorgeous socks, btw! Which yarn did you use??

  4. Anonymous11:34 PM

    typical man. ;)
    I don't really blame him-Boston rocks.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that your page doesn't render properly in Mozilla so the first post (the one about the socks) is more or less impossible to read.


  6. Sorry about the Mozilla thing - been working on it, but success is slow :(
    Yarn is Trekking XXL - color 68 and looks way cooler in person :)