Monday, December 19, 2005

Snow in Franconia

So we finally got the snow in Franken (Franconia) and it's forecasted to snow the entire week. Until Saturday, when it's supposed to rain :( So much for a white Christmas, but my hopes are still up. This is the view out of my office window today. It's not as dark as my camera makes it out to be, but it is just as cold as it looks!

On a warmer note, I found more German yarn on Friday in my favourite LYS. It's Frankengarn, which means the sheep can't be more than, say, 25 miles from me. How cool is that?!! It's not the finest, but the sock yarn is a merino/silk mix that makes it ultra-soft. I love the picture of the shepherd and the sheep on the band, kind of Christmassy, eh?

I cast on yesterday and tried to run a cable down the side after I finished the ribbing, but the yarn totally doesn't want to play ball, there's a very high split factor here. So I ripped back and figured I'd just do stockinette. But have you ever knit stockinette in grey, I think it's got to be worse than navy blue! I ripped back 2 inches of boring sock this morning and am doing a modified rib that makes me happier and I'm assuming the yarn as well since it's stopped splitting so much.

I will have to get another ball or two, 50 grams is only 150 yards and I don't think it'll be enough for the Irishman's boat feet. Maybe I'll have more time and check out the other colours!

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