Friday, December 09, 2005

Instant Gratification

My favourite gratification of all time!

I cast on for the hat yesterday and knit all the way down to my ears by quittin' time. Now I'm not sure whether to rip back and redo the last rows with fuzzy/eyelashy stuff or to make a floppy fisherman hat brim and look for a cute Diddl pin to make the front look posh. If you don't know Diddl, check this out. This big-eared rodent keeps popping up everywhere and his picture is on nearly everything from backpacks to notepaper to clothing. And Ciara wants all of it!!! She even has a super large binder with a collection of different notepaper - whatever happened to Garbage Pail Kids, eh? So finding a Diddl pin and putting it on the hat would totally get me points towards my entry in the SuperStepMom Hall of Fame, dontcha think?

Since I forgot my fuzzy yarn this morning, the hat (and brim decision) will have to wait until this evening. To keep my hands busy at work I cast on stitches with Opal Tiger to make socks for Saskwatch the Toddler. Regia website says to cast on 56 stitches for his foot size - the kid is 4 years old!!! Even more amazing, Ciara is 9 years old and her feet are now bigger than mine! Dude, I wear a ladies 8, no foot binding here.

When did MiracleGro team up with Gerber's????

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  1. That is what I'd like to know. Reilly's feet are only two some odd inches shorter than mine! At this rate, one pair a year for each of the boys will be plenty.