Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ticker Tape!!

Yes, pictures at the keyboard. I'm that excited about finishing these behemmoth socks! I checked the blog and I've been working on them for over 6 weeks (that's gotta be a record!). Even when I was nearing completion last night and lost hand movement (due to the Irishman AND the cat insisting on cuddling me at the same time-how dare they!) I wasn't feeling the excitement and exhilaration that I'm beaming with right now. Or I would have told the cat and the leprachaun to cuddle together and leave me alone. Right about now, they should feel honoured enough just to bask in my glow!! :)

Rumour has it that Santa heard my cry for a new camera and is currently searching pre-Christmas sales so that I can take beautiful and detailed pictures of all my Christmas knits. I'm sure you're all waiting with bated breath. (almost typed "baited breath" there, but no-wait, that's the cat, hehe)

This just in!!! According the Yahoo News,
Psychologists have just finished a study linking creativity to sexual activity and number of sexual partners. They say, the more an "artist" produces, the more people are attracted to them. Will someone please call Naveen Andrews and tell him that I "created" this sock design all by myself (and a Pinkerbell hat!) and I'll be awaiting his arrival in the next couple of days - hell! I'll even pick him up at the airport! Perhaps I shouldn't hold my breath just yet...

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