Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Talk about attack of cuteness! We're having more camera trouble at the mo, so getting Kerry to stand still enough for a photo op is totally out of the question. So here's me stepping in.

I just started messing around with one of those "k2tog here and yarn-over on this end" stitches and got a bit of swirl.

When the swirl started to die out at the top of the hat, I saved the cute factor with a "we represent the lollipop men" munchkin knot after a long I-cord with the last 4 stitches.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with myself and I'm going to write the pattern down before the Little Miss flies back home with the hat. I'm hoping to knit up another one with this find from the Wal-Mart in Wuerzburg.

Yes, my friends, that's right. Red Heart sells sock yarn in Germany :) I'm a big Red Heart fan when it comes to knitting for People Puppies (my step-father's nickname for kids) quite a hearty yarn that can take a fairly good beating and still look decent.

I'm trying to post as many pictures as possible. I love my new camera phone, but the quality is not quite blog-worthy. I'm hoping Santa cruises lame knitting blogs late at night and will happen upon mine, making him totally sympathetic to my plight and he'll throw a new Canon something-or-another my way this Christmas :)

Yes, Virginia, there really are delusional knitters walking around disguised as completely normal people....


  1. What a cute hat! I never knew that Red Heart made sock yarn. They must sell here in the states though too. Does it feel ok?

  2. Feels great - but it certainly wasn't as cheap as Red Heart is in the States. It's about the same price as Regia here.....

  3. Very cute hat! What's up with the name changing?