Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holey Opal!!

Talk about a big honkin' hole!!

I think this might end my very short relationship with Opal Sock yarn. I only made these this year and, sure, the Irishman is hard on socks, but he's been wearing others for 3 years now.

Major, major bummer :(


  1. Yikes, that stinks!

  2. That is a big hole too! What is your favorite sock yarn? What brand has lasted those 3 years? We had our first hole in one of my socks this week, but it was due to my son having outgrown the sock and still wearing them.

  3. Geeze, Erica, have you got smell-o-vision? I had to hold my breath to get the picture, hehe

    I think my favourite sock yarn has got to be Regia for wool (and wool/silk!) and Gedifra for the cotton mixes. Just can't beat Regia with all their new colours, styles and fibres.