Thursday, October 20, 2005


Nachmachen in German means imitate, which is what I was trying to do after I saw Steph's mommy/belly/work-in-progress pic. Denisa held up the blankie I've been working on for Max but her belly looked all lumpy and funny.

Further investigation lead to the discovery of a 5 month old feline who loves yarn and knitting almost as much as me :)

Jackson, say hello!

Mommy only has 2 more months to go, but I think I'll manage the rest of the blanket before then. I've been adding to it off and on for the past couple of months and haven't posted anything becuase I didn't want to document the time it was taking to knit it for fear of de-motivation, hehe.

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  1. What a cute blanket! I bet the kitty was in heaven...hehe.
    And to answer your question on my blog: socktoberfest is a sock knit-along for the month of October put together by Lolly (Lollyknitting Around). It is a great idea and has really grown. Guess there is no stopping us sock knitters, huh? (hehe)