Friday, October 14, 2005

I've Gone Plaid

I'm having some serious camera issues these days. Not exactly mechanical problems with the camera, per se. But more issues with synchronizing finding charged batteries with locating the memory card AND the camera at the same time that I have a split second to snap a shot of my Opus sock before the sun goes down (which it's started doing about an hour after sunrise!).

My sock, my glorious surprisingly pretty pretty sock.

This was the sock that pinned me under the dreaded "Sock Curse" this summer. I started it 4 times with 2 different patterns and came up snake eyes everytime with the fit. Stupid Lana Grossa Green Tweed!!
So I tricked it!

I started a sock with the Canadian Color Regia I picked up last Friday (lovely fall colours!). I didn't even look in the direction of the haggardly-worn, oft-ripped tweed as I hummed to myself and pretended like I had absolutely no idea who the recipient was...

I worked 25 rows of ribbing and 3 rows into the leg of the sock, I feined a completely innocent frustration with the colour-pooling and glanced at the cursed sock wool and wondered aloud if "these wools would look really cool together."

After ripping back to the rib, I settled on a knit 1 round of Canadian Color, knit 1 round of Lana Grossa forrest green tweed. And then, I thought I might try to work in the Flammegarn sock pattern from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks (the original pattern that cursed me in August). So my CC round was knit 4, sl 1 and my LG round was knit all the way. I knit for an entire afternoon, soaking up of my favourite old ER episodes (when Noah shaves his beard off - be still, my heart!!) and more and when I looked down at my sock, I found a totally cool effect that the Irishman calls "plaid".

The sock has an underlying forest green tone with bright autumnal reds, oranges and blues popping up all over the place and the slipped stitches make up lines of green running down the side (for me, a picture usually replaces TEN thousand words - succinctness is a virtue). Now I'm experimenting wildly with the heel (read: never heard of this technique and highly doubtful it will even work) by knitting across with K1 CC, K1 LG and purl back with the 2 strands held together. It's my technique to avoid using bigger needles but still incorporating the mixed yarn.

I have to admit, whether the blasted heel (which is taking AGES to knit because I'm doing it on 38 stitches) works out or not, I'm glad to be back in the woolly saddle again and excited about 2 sticks and string!!

God bless autumn!

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  1. Sounds cool. Hope that your issues resolve themselves this weekend so we can see a shot of them.