Monday, November 08, 2004

There Was Something About Yarn and Needles

Oh yeah, I remember : knitting.
It's not all about Canadian Immigration these days. I did loads of knitting over the weekend.
Well, not loads, but I got in a lot considering I entertained Friday and Saturday night - did shopping on Saturday and brunch on Sunday.
I started and finished another Christmas sock on Saturday night from this link and worked on a doily with a star from this link .
I've done some yarn-over's and picot edgings before, but never really concentrated oh-my-god-these-needles-are-freakin-tiny lace knitting. I only screwed up one section and the Irishman couldn't even see it. :)
I finished the heel and gusset on the Jaggedy-arsed socks - mere minutes remain until we start making sacrifices to the evil god Kitchener.
And I started a lovely little hat (from the Fall Interweave) should be made with Manos del Uruguay but I have some hand-spun alpaca from the Appalachains and I thought I might just make a little something for She Who Likes Alpaca for Christmas. If her royal Alpacaness can't remember making this request like over a year ago (yeah, I know, takes me a while to catch a hint) then I certainly hope she likes surprises :) @[smiley: Surprise: [13/13_1_14]]

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