Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Say Chiiiiic!

My big Christmas idea was to knit hats for everyone. Patterned hats, fuzzy hats, chic hats dorky hats and everything in-between. At a shopping spree this weekend I went a little nutty at the local Idee (German Michael's) and got a couple of pairs of really cool stripey wool from Gedifra and a handful of colours of Schachenmeyer Merino and Extra for a patterned hat for the Irishman (who, it turns out, is quite the colour picker).
Long story short, I found this pattern through Google yesterday and decided that would just be the coolest thing for the lady friends instead of hats. To knit a full 14 inches, I think it'll take more than my two balls.
Need to get an extra ball of wool tonight to finish this. But it is mega soft and silky feeling am thinking I might need one of these this winter, too. :)

Big Fat Update and man-am-I-late-to-read-this! WTF????
Pharamacists are refusing to fill birth control prescriptions because of their religious beliefs.
Great Response here.

And we thought history never repeats.....nah, we just kind of regress.

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