Wednesday, September 24, 2003

UFOs and Roadkill!

I think a UFO would totally make me feel better. I fixed the blue/white old-lady cardigan but still haven't sewn the buttons on - I think I'm afraid to finish it because I think Finishing = "promptly send your hard work away in the post."

I have also knitted everything for the Mr. Bean Teddy Bear (save one ear) - but that's different. I'm not so worried about sending that one away - I just have total sewing angst. The directions came off of the internet and I think the finishing section relies on the knitter having a lot more basic knowledge than I. I seem to sing this song a lot these days....

The Aran is coming along nicely - definitely not trying to hurry myself on that one. It's certainly not going home with the little blonde monster (also known as Cian, Dave's 2 yo son) because the ex would felt it in a heartbeat and send me a swatch of blue woolly gunk in two weeks. She's already shown her distate for anything I've ever bought or knit the two kids. So I started knitting in super-wash. Which is exactly why this aran isn't leaving my house unless it's on Cian or Ciara to be worn for the day and brought immediately back home. Snobbish? maybe - practical? positively!
Finished Product:

In other news, I found a ball of fuzzy blueish stuff at the Woll-Eckla that I absolutely HAD to buy and knit. I was thinking sweater, but after starting my swatch, I realized you couldn't pay me a million dollars to knit up a project with this (ok, maybe a million....) so I kept on knitting my swatch until I started a decent looking scarf - will have to buy more balls to finish it and I think I know exactly who is getting it for Christmas....... (but I'm not going to tell her upon receipt that we've nick-named it Muppet Roadkill Scarf - because it looks like someone ran over Grover - NEAR.......FAR!!!)