Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Well, I finally decided to do the Elizabeth Zimmerman I-am-the-boss-of-my-knitting cut on the button bands. I cut both right below the neckband and ripped all the way down until the waist ribbing. Then I knit those bad boys at the same time and sewed them to the sweater-sides in intervals. Knit, sew, knit, sew. It wasn't until I reached the top that I realized my left-side button band had been cut all funky and grafting the buttonband to neckband was an exercise in extra sewing on the spots that I voted most-likely to come loose. Now I know it won't come loose, but my grafting (which I took to quite quickly I might add) won't win any beauty contests in the near future. I know I did it right and maybe it looks fine, but after the first viewing of this sweater, it hurts my eyes to see the bastardized band :(
I haven't sewn the buttons back on yet because I can't bear to look at the sweater - will probably cross that bridge at the end of this week.

In much more interesting news, I started my first Aran sweater last week. I found an old kids pattern during my Isle of White trip in July and the gauge matched perfectly with the Rowan DK newwool that I practically stole from some nice woman on Ebay. 11pds for 400 grms - it must be a sin! I've done one pattern repeat so far and I can't wait to knit more everyday. The only bummer is that I need to read the pattern constantly so working on this in the U-Bahn and during the dead-times at work does not happen often. Speaking of which.....it's pretty quiet now - no phone calls, maybe I could pull it out for a couple of minutes......

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