Monday, September 29, 2003

I'm all out of love.....

Not that I've fallen completely out of love with knitting. I have no intention of dropping my current project and still gaze longingly at my piles of wool dreaming of UFO's. But halfway through this stinking Aran pullover, I realized that I was no longer excited about it. This is the pullover I was so keen to begin that I rushed my raglan cardigan (doing permanent damage in the process) and the second I sewed the last button on, I was immediately casting on for cables and diamonds - even though it was past midnight on a "school night".
But now I am starting to wilt. I think it might be because I'm not excited about seeing the UFO on anyone. It's too big for Bobby and David's nephews and wouldn't suit HRH Erika or Ciara. It was meant for Cian and I can't imagine having a sweater that he can only wear twice a month - it's crazy. I was thinking I could pick another recipient, but there just isn't anyone. Drat - will have to figure out how to get myself excited about this sweater!!!
a pic of the sweater

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