Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Storm that Has No Name....

The storm that has set records in rainfall, lasted longer than any hurricane I've heard of and is STILL freaking here is not being named. I'm not sure why - maybe it will help us forget quickly, maybe it's just 'that' special and awe-inspiring, maybe the meteorologists are too busy trying to figure out what the heck it's going to do next and when it's finally going away. Either way, it's quite possibly the most annoying storm ever.
Streets are closed, businesses are withering as people stay at home to avoid windy, heavily-puddled roads and slowly go insane with 6 year-olds who are used to going outside nearly every single day. I can name one in particular ;)

The one thing this nasty weather encourages is sorting receipts, cleaning out piles of Maybe-I'll-do-this-someday patterns and hunkering down with one's stash and UFO's to knock them out.

At last count, I have 4 projects laying around ignored that need to be finished to free up head space.
David's Irregular Rib sweater needs to be finished just to free up countless interchangeable cords and stitch markers and also to determine whether or not I need more yarn *before* Lion Brand discontinues the yarn....

The Hearts & Bows blanket might also need more yarn; I need to finish crocheting that one to free-up a project bag and be able to send it off for one of the countless babies that are shooting out of everyone else's pelvises at an alarming rate. Not that babies are an issue with me or anything.....tick, tock...

I received the final set of directions for the Kiila mystery socks yesterday, so I'm home-free to finish knitting those puppies on their massive 3.25mm needles.

And I've got measurements and pattern approval for Mary Anne's Trans-Atlantic Tootsie Warmers (cute, ocean-themed, flip-flop socks). They're also on largish needles (2.75mm) and shouldn't take too long since they're just a scoche above the ankle.

The challenge to all of this is whether or not I can cram these projects into the remainder of my three-day weekend. Granted, there won't be much outside time, due to Florida being in the middle of the next biblical flood and I'm not tempted to drop my few dollars at the extreme holiday sales. At least I'll have something to distract me from copious gawking at channel 13's Doppler X3 and hoping the clouds will find someone else to torture for a while. Seriously, doesn't the Colorado River need water? We could build a new pipeline!

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