Sunday, May 17, 2009 other news!

There's so much going on these days in Ormond Beach!
I've been making new friends, having adventures with old friends, writing new patterns and breaking knit-speed records on the cutest socks EVER!
Thursday before last, I caught Jody knitting some darn cute foldover-cuff socks - the Friday Night Bowling Socks and started my own pair the next day. I went through every ball of sock yarn to find perfect "Sock Hop" colors (the Friday Night Bowling title made me think of "Let's bowl, let's bowl....let's rock-n-roll!!) The pattern is written well and they are such a fun knit, that I was turning the heel before I knew it.

Jody has the cuffed-sock bug, too and is off and designing her own patterns. Rav link.

That went so quickly, that I followed the temptation from Patti and joined Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Rav and started the Kiila sock immediately!

These are published in sections, one bit each week so that we can knit a bit more of the sock and will be finished by the end of may. Great sock, cool directions and fun group!
We've just turned the heel:

In the meantime, Mary Ann threw another sock challenge my way. She's flying to Ireland in June and needs something seriously CUTE and flip-flop-toed to keep her tootsies warm on the flight. If there's something I know how to do, it's prepare to Trans-Atlantic Travel Comfort.

She handed me the following ball of yarn and left me alone with my musings.......

I think she's already got it half-planned since she is taking a Trans-ATLANTIC flight and handed me yarn with oceany, ATLANTIC colors. Hmmmm.......her innocence intentions are just melting away.

I'm thinking waves, white-caps, small-craft advisories, maybe the edge on Jody's socks above without the folding over part........maybe a feather-n-fan variation.

So much to do and create and I STILL need to improve my tan ;)

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