Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Exorcism of My Stash

After a great weekend of family-time, yummy restaurant food and 2 yarn shop visits, I sat myself down to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose and start another Foliage hat. During commercials, I started bagging my new yarn and remembered to restart the bagging of the yarn I brought back with me from Germany. I ran back to my bedroom every couple of minutes to grab more yarn out of the yarn suitcase to group and bag....until I touched the fateful Turkmenistan yarn. The yarn I wanted so badly but can't seem to figure out a project/use/purpose for. As I moved it aside to reach for better-looking, softer yarn, I saw three little brown bugs flutter up and land quietly back down on their brown planet of sustenance. The accused:
For a few short seconds I was too stunned to speak or move. Can't call Mum because she's asleep in England (stupid time difference!!) and my sister is working, so I decided to risk taking my grief outside of the family and call Alyson. Thank God I had to leave a message, I think it helped me sound less choked up than I was. We're talking about an infested ball of yarn lumped right on top of all the favorites I schlepped over from my 5 year history of knitting (Regia Silk, Wollmeise, Fleece Artist, something Mum picked up in Wales, handspun from Canada, a little local spinnery in Franconia's silk sock yarn, more sock yarn from France.....all of my little joys - can you tell I don't have kids yet??) Alyson heard my emergency message and rang back immediately.
The solution we came up with for now is the freezer:
but there was another idea thrown out there: to put all the yarn in a big black plastic bag and leave it in the sun to bake the critters, eggs and larvae out. Think I'll leave it all in the freezer for a night or two and then consider the sun/baking thing.

Right now, it's time for a drink....or two....SOB!


  1. Oh no! I hope all those suckers freeze and die for you! Or maybe the shock of being frozen then baking will do them in.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh dear... I've not had any critter problems yet, but I worry about it.

    Good luck with whatever method you decide to go with after the freezer and keep us posted.

  3. Oh. No. A knitter's worst nightmare. I'm so sorry it happened to you! Good luck in clearing out the infestation.

  4. Hi! I found one of your patterns searching online and wanted to try it out because it was so pretty...The Alpaca Furry Goodness Scarf. My problem is that I'm having some difficulty determining what the pattern is. I can't tell what the asterisks stand for and unfortunately, when I tried to guess, my scarf just looks like a simple knit 2, purl 2 repeated. I would greatly, greatly appreciate it if you would e-mail me with a little bit clearer directions? I really want to use the pattern, but am a little bit of a beginner and need all the help :)

    Thanks so so much!


  5. Oh my, I feel for you!!! I came home this summer to moths on my spinning wheel. I threw that yarn and roving away but then went through my stash and started to bag it all in ziploc. From now on it's ziploc and lavender!! I hope you're buggless soon. Sorry I haven't been around-we've been horribly busy. Miss you!