Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yarn Picnic with Sing-a-long!

Head! Posted by Picasa

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Knees Posted by Picasa

and Toes!! Posted by Picasa

I was a very shoppy girl this week :)
First, Erica (yes, it's all her fault!) got me a beautiful purple colourway from Sunshine Yarns for the birthday I'm pretending didn't happen. And let me buy another off of her that she had two of - that's the pink colourway! Purty, idn't it? I'm weird about putting luxuriously soft wool on my feet. Sure, they deserve the best, but so does my head - so my ears will spend the winter under purple and pink.
Then I found a sale on cotton yarn in my local supermarket (seriously!) The pyramid of Punto blue will be a cardigan for sister in Florida.
And the red/pink colourway will cover the knees of the new baby girl in North Carolina.

Last, but not least, Erica and I found a new sock yarn heaven this week. It had absolutely everything I had heard of and more! See that thick and fuzzy Regia far right - they're going to be boot socks for this winter - it's the softest yarn I've ever seen from Regia (including their cotton). They had buckets and buckets of On-line, Opal, Regia in brand-spanking-new colouways and more Ja Woll than you could shake a Visa card at. And all of it quite reasonably priced - which is good, because hey only accept cash. Even though the entire shop was no bigger than my kitchen, we managed to spend over 30 minutes combing through colours and textures and patterns and samples and did lots of chatting with the friendly owner.
I just hope Erica can keep her cool, since the shop is only 5 minutes drive from her house - can you imagine!!!!
I can't wait until next month's yarn budget :)


  1. I so knew it wouldn't be there when I woke up this morning! :)

    Dang, that is alot of new yarn. Hide it, quick!!!

  2. Gee, Erica, must have been a glitch with your ISP

  3. Hi Kathleen, You were the one to go to Karin's place with Erica? I thought I recognized those price tags. Man, I bet Karin was happy. Did you go there this weekend? She is having ther anniversary sale, you know? (I know I'm bad influence)

  4. kimberly1:49 PM

    Drool! It's like opening your overcoat at me-how could you? You're just out for a reaction. Drool.