Monday, July 31, 2006

Baby Block Reprise...

Another new favourite. This little receiving/snuggle blanket knit up incredibly fast (uhh... when I had the time to work on it) and only took two skeins of Red Heart Soft 5 oz doubled on US size 15 needles. After I knit the first block like twenty times because the first 19 were too stiff, the one block looked absolutely huge! I was thinking if I knit up 6 of those, as planned and sewed them together, they'd lose the poor child in a sea of pink. So I ripped it out, (the neighbor made me go home, she said she couldn't watch me rip it out one more time) and just did one big log cabin block. Lovin it!!


  1. Lawds woman! Glad to see it done (and the pink yarn put to good use).

  2. Very sweet! How large is it?

    Something smaller, doll-size, would be a nice present for a "new big sister's" doll or a teddy, to accompany the larger baby blanket. (Did that make sense? I know what I meant!)