Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Spucktuch for Max

Freshly cast-off (ends not yet tied in).
Burp Cloth sounds much better in German. Spucktuch - where you make the ch's with soft sh sounds without putting your teeth together. C'mon, try it - you know you've always wanted to learn German ;) It sounds more like Spooohhk Tooohh.

Did I mention already how much I love the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book??? I worship this book and it is now one of the titles I recommend for every single knitter. As I speak I am picking up very very pink yarn (donated by my buddy Erica after she found out she was pregnant with her THIRD boy) and starting a slightly alternative log cabin. Just can't have enough log cabins now, can we???

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  1. dmhaskins35@yahoo.com6:25 PM

    So glad to have you back blogging. I have yet to see the Mason Dixon book, but love what you and others have shown in their blogs. I used to live in Germany with late husband and kids when he was in the US Army. We loved it and I miss it dearly. A german wife of one of his soldiers taught me to knit german style and I loved it. Still knit to this day. Nice work you are doing. Dee fm KS