Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Poopy Poopy, Doo Doo!

I have been kicking some serious sock butt around here lately. I finished the monstrous pair for the Irishman (returning home tomorrow morning!!), a pair for sister #1, a pair for sister #2 and now finishing a pair for my most favourite doctor-lady.

I was so excited with this sock yarn when I picked it out 2 weeks ago. The blues are just the coolest - a stormy-sea blue, a thin strip of pale-sky blue, a distinguished-navy blue and a royal-purplish blue among others. There was some sort of brown colour in the mix,but it didn't bother me...until I start knitting the socks and saw the brown colour away from all the others, running through my unprotected hands. And it looks like doggy doo doo. I tried squinting my eyes and imagining it as a vintage rust, toasted-cinnamon, or even a Georgia clay - but my eyes couldn't be tricked. No matter what the lighting, these brown streaks look like something squishy I stepped in at the park. I'll try not to mention these thoughts when I hand them over to the recipient, eh?
I like the pattern, though - another pair out of the Vintage Sock book from Nancy Bush.
Erica cast them on as well, in non-poopy colours. I have to admit, I tend to follow her around the shop when we go out together. I get distracted by big SALE signs and shiny things, she finds all the real deals and soft yarn.
my hero ;)


  1. Stupid question from a Newbie (might as well put it here so everyone can marvel at the fact that someone would actually need to ask this question...)

    Is there a trick to self-striping yarns? A "starting point", or is it all up the whim of the knitting and the gauge or something? Because I'm using a self-striper that I enjoy very much, but it's striping in diagonals, unlike yours that look they way they should, and I think I must have done something wrong.

  2. Well, hell if you're going have doo on your shoe (Berlin is full of it), you might as well have in on the inside too. :)
    Sorry, but you'll forever be known as the girl who knit the doo for inside her shoe.

  3. Okay call me a color nerd. But I like this yarn. To me it's cocoa, not poo colored!

  4. The colour of your socks is beautiful.

  5. OK, now that I've stopped laughing at Kimberly's comment, I must say that I like the colors. Even if it does look like dog doo. I'm sure the recipient will love them. If not, sendthem my way ;)