Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Visitor

Megan came to visit from Ireland and we spent the first 5 days disturbingly engrossed in Sudoku puzzles. Then she remembered she knew how to knit and, during an innocent trip to the LYS, bought a couple balls of shiny cotton baby-coloured yarn.

Today, through various car trips and discussions about the length of her visit, she wrapped her first purl, knit her first ribbing, heel, gusset and forayed into circular knitting. We came home to learn kitchener and finish off a darn cute sock for her little sister.

Now she's reading from a pattern book, increasing by knitting into the front and back of designated stitiches and should have finished baby booties by tomorrow evening.

I, however, knit boring stocking stitch on the 2.25 circs Mum found in Scotland (I want a t-shirt that reads: My Mum went to Scotland and all I got was this lousy [yet, really cute] sheep postcard and some circs!) Ok, the postcard IS really cute :)

I'm really liking these colours, too - a bit fallish, yet with underlying ocean tones. Picant, yet soothing...

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