Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Fun with Dying!

Susan organized a fabulous yarn dying party for her birthday last weekend and had lots of leftovers. I had such a great time at her party, catching up with pals from Sip-n-Knit that I haven't seen since moving to Volusia, pigging out on yummy fajitas and messing around with Kool-Aid and Wilton cake dyes. AND there was chocolate cake :) And I hate to see a friend weighed down under massive leftovers.....

The kids had Monday off of school and both neice and nephew got to invite a friend over - so I invited a friend, too. Susan brought the remaining yarn, sock flats, Kool-Aid, chicken, soda and some chocolate cake (and her husband, Rob, with a Wii - they were a pretty impressive carload altogether!) and helped keep me, Helen and the neighborhood kids entertained for the afternoon.
Bobby enjoyed dying his so much that he offered to help Eli with his sock flat. There's a fierce amount of 6-year-old concentrating going on here.

These two spent the rest of the afternoon glued to Rob getting the skinny on World of Warcraft, his kindergarten experience and his magic hair.

Helen tried her hand at kettle/bucket dying and got a very vibrant strawberry!

I dyed some bright and freaky tropical colors and then over-dyed them in a bucket with a lt. brown .

I'm not sure it toned down as much as I'd hoped. But it's a little less freaky than before and I can't wait to see it in socks!!

Here's our collective efforts drying in the sun and wind.

We had a great time doing this for the first time last Thanksgiving and it gets more exciting each time!

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  1. Very pretty an vivid. what did you use to get the turqoise and peachy color and did you microwave to set? thanks...ciao