Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bella Italia!

This is the time in Sprockets : where we gloat about our recent weekend in Italy, gorgeous Italian yarn and contemplate moving house to the Italian Alps!

The Irishman's bestest college bud moved to the Italian Alps last fall with his sweetheart. We've been trying to get down to visit ever since but stupid vacations and holidays (like Christmas) kept getting in the way. This past weekend, we finally made it. First, we picked up Niamh, the Irishman's bestest high school buddy, at Munich airport and high-tailed it down the German, Austrian and finally Italian highways to Rovereto. It was a long drive and we were dog-tired when we arrived Thursday night, but the view on Friday morning made up for any exhaustion we were feeling. Here are the 3 views from their balcony.

Friday we went walking/shopping through the older district of Rovereto. I found great yarn, but no yarn shops (explanation to follow). This is the gang sucking down red wine, eagerly awaiting arrival of our pizzas.

Saturday, we visited Lake Garda. It was in the high 50's, so we had a long stroll through the town, sat on a terrace with a lake view and ate ice cream.

Then we drove up the side of a mountain, ate lunch in a hut at the top, celebrating our perilous ascent. I thought I had gotten used to narrow roads, living in Germany and all, but the roads on our mountain drive were eeensy weeeeensy, partially paved, all next to plunging cliffs and, at one point, blocked by tractors. Niamh and I were sitting in the back and spent most of the ride either looking up (rather than down) or covering our eyes and giggling to hide our fear.

Tomorrow: Verona and Yarn!!

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