Thursday, November 16, 2006

Watch Out Tori Amos!!

This is what I spent my evening doing.

Yesterday, I swiped the neighbor-kid's keyboard (that he hasn't touched since the month after purchase) and found piano lessons online. I took lessons as a kid (and fought every minute of the way) and then took a course in college and loved it (go figure). When we bought the house, there was a piano here and the owner offered to leave it for a 100 bucks but we decided we didn't need it along with complete house renovations, but it's been on it my mind ever since. And, since I shipped Dave off to Barcelona for the week, I've got loads of time to flip through the internet and get my groove back :)

p.s. Tassels it is - stay tuned for pictures!!


  1. A keyboard? Is that what that is? I have one of those in my house and nobody touched it since we bought it either. Nobody knows how to play it, but it sure beat the drums my husband wanted!! (Motrin)

  2. Oh cool! We bought a piano last year and I've been trying to learn myself. I might try that site-thanks!!