Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weekend Update

Been doing lots of away-from-the-computer things. We grilled the entire weekend, through and, since we have the most central yard in the neighborhood, everyone and their brother sees us sitting in the garden, chilling with cold drinks. They naturally agree with our good judgement of how to spend the first non-freezing temperatures of the summer season, gather chairs and beverages from their own houses and join us, creating a 3-day hootenanny (sp?).

The Germans have introduced me to Bauch (literally: stomach) on the grill and I've introduced them to Hunch Punch and subsequent hangovers.

Saturday, when the sun set and the air cooled off, we started throwing bits of leftover branches (from trying to tame the hedges) into the grill. We had a nice little fire that would make any Girl Scout proud. But there were men there (let's call them overgrown boys) and more than a couple beers. So, what started off as a couple of branches, turned into a bonfire that burnt the handles off of the grill (which isn't as funny as it seemed at the time). We did it again the next night.
On Sunday, we accompanied the neighbors to Serlbach for Feldgottesdienst (Mass on the Grass). Volunteers made a cross the day before:

And we stayed for roasted pork dinners, cake and a bit of frisbee.


  1. What?? No s'mores???

  2. very little hope for s'mores in this house as we have an evil leprechaun who eats the marshmallows raw - eeewww!