Thursday, December 30, 2004

Knitting Karma Baby!!

Buddy of mine, Craig, has a sister named Juliet. She came to visit him in Germany this summer and when I met her, she was sitting on a barstool at Finnegan's downtown knitting a sock. I was so excited; I jumped up next to her and whipped out my current sock project. There were loads of comments and much rolling-of-eyes from her brother and my boyfriend, but we had a cute little knitterly moment that day. We talked about price of wool, KIPping and how her major hobby is making glass beads. Couple of weeks later, Craig was over one Saturday night to play cards and drink beer (a typical crazy night at Casa la Treanor LOL) and mentioned that he was heading home in a couple of days to surprise Juliet for her birthday. I immediately gathered a couple of balls of sock wool and sent him home with a very warm birthday present for his sister. Juliet was so happy with her socky present that she sent me something for Christmas. Look (and turn green with envy) at my beautiful new bracelet - a Juliet Page original:

And now some overdue Christmas photos:

Cian before dumping the contents of his stocking - I think he's just a little delighted with his sled.
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Dave is carving the turkey (and I use that term loosely) ;)

Better picture of everyone else:


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